Ivan Gazidis Admits Stadium Move Helped Arsenal Sign Ozil, Alexis

Arsenal chief Ivan Gazidis has revealed that financial stability is crucial to maintaining a competitive team.

Ivan Gazidis

The 50 year old says the stadium move has been crucial to the club’s first team success.

He told Arsenal TV: “It’s easy to talk about ambition, anyone can use flowery words about what they want to be, but you’ve got to actually deliver. That’s what is so important and that’s why the stadium move was so important. That’s why the last five years of unlocking our international and our commercial revenues is so important for the club.

“It allows us to go out and, if the manager believes in someone like Mesut Ozil, he can buy him. It’s the same with Alexis Sanchez. Underneath that tip of the iceberg, those star signings that we talk a lot about, there’s an awful lot else going on. We’re signing some fantastic young talent and we’re keeping our players now, unlike the situation two or three years ago when we were really financially challenged and were losing our top players, we’re signing our top players to long-term contracts.

“Guys like Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey, I could go on. Underneath that you have all of this other stuff this football club is about. “

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