Johan Cruyff Urging Barcelona To Sign Cesc Fabregas

Johan Cruyff has urged Barcelona to bring Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas back to the Nou Camp.

Cruyff believes signing the Gunners captain, now age 24, would mean midfield stars Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta and Xavi can be kept fresher during the season.

The Dutchman, 64, said: “If Cesc signs there will be four players for three places, which means all of them can share out a lot of games.

“There comes a stage in the season when everything is at stake but the team is out of gas.

“As good as the Barca players are – and they are good – there comes a time where they’ve played too many games.

“You need players not only to strengthen competition but also to move things around without upsetting the team’s rhythm.”

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