John Terry Linked With Arsenal, Man Utd Move

It has been revealed that former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp can see Chelsea legend John Terry following Petr Cech to Arsenal.

John Terry 6

Redknapp wrote in the London Evening Standard: “If I had been at Manchester City or Arsenal, I would have gone in on deadline day to see whether he wanted to move. John could tip the balance in the Premier League title race for one of those sides.

“Similarly, in the summer, City, Arsenal or Manchester United might look at Terry and see the benefit of signing him for a year. Arsenal took Petr Cech, which many people thought inconceivable at this time last year, so why not John as well? He’d walk into Arsenal’s team even now —they need his character.

“I’m sure he would rather go and play abroad but Frank felt like that and ended up coming back. It depends on how John feels he has been treated. Frank found it difficult initially but this is professional sport at the end of the day: managers change, players change clubs all the time and wherever you are, you do your best. We’d all love to stay at one club all our lives but it doesn’t work out that way.”

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