Lukas Podolski Can Feel Pressure Lifting At Arsenal After FA Cup Win

It has been reported that Lukas Podolski can feel the pressure lifting at Arsenal after winning the FA Cup.

Lukas Podolski 8

The German international striker has been a key member of the squad this season and knows just how important the victory against Hull City was.

The 28 year old said : “You win nothing for nine years so it is special for us,”.

“We have to come and celebrate now.

“For the fans, for the club, it is something special. You wait and wait for nine years and some people repeatedly said ‘Arsenal win nothing, Arsenal win nothing’.

“It is a lot of pressure but in the end it is a cup game and, in the end, it can happen. We were 2-0 down and came back, it was a great match and we had the cup in our hands.

“We have a great spirit in the team. Everybody is a part of this and you see in the last matches we did well, getting fourth place and now winning the FA Cup.

“It was a special cup game because Hull fought great and played great but in the end we have it.”

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