Man Utd To Re-Sign Cristiano Ronaldo for £50m In the Summer!!!

This is an explosive news for Real Madrid and Man Utd fans as Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Man Utd will re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo
in the summer for £50m!.

The Portugese striker has said that life in Spain is not all sunshine and reportedly there has been a locker room bust-up with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, “I do not feel good here” , said Ronaldo.

“There is not much mirrors in the locker room, how am i going to perform if can’t view every angle of my hair and face before a match?, this is ridiculous!, at least in Manchester there were mirrors all over the place” , continued the Portugese peacock.

While Real Madrid has refused to make any comments, Man Utd have released a statement on their site saying “We can confirm that we are in talks to bring Ronaldo back to England, the deal is not yet done but we are close”.

Happy April guys….

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