Manchester United Continue Asian Banking Deal

According to reports from, Manchester United have extended their sponsorship deal with Maybank, which covers Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Louis van Gaal 24

The new contract will run for the next five years, with Maybank designated as ‘official retail banking partner’ across all three territories.

Previously, the company was designated as an ‘affinity partner’ in Malaysia and Singapore.

It is the first time United have had a retail banking partner in the Philippines. Maybank’s partnership with the club began in 2011, during which time five financial products, notably branded credit cards, have been launched in Malaysia and Singapore.

“We are delighted not only to have extended but also expanded our relationship with Maybank,” said Richard Arnold, Manchester United’s group managing director and the club’s regular spokesperson when regional deals are confirmed.

“Across Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines the club has almost 22 million followers in these countries, all of whom can now take advantage of all of the products and services Maybank has to offer.”

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