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Mario Balotelli Disrespectful Trick And Substitution – Video

Controversial striker Mario Balotelli was taken off in disgrace just past the half-hour mark of Manchester City’s pre-season friendly against the LA Galaxy.

The Italian striker was put clear through on goal in the 28th minute after a lovely City team move but instead of just blasting the ball into the net he inexplicably tried to score with a spinning backheel which went wide of the target.

The crowd inside the Home Depot Centre booed the disrespectful action, and City boss Roberto Mancini immediately called for James Milner to warm up.

At the next opportunity, Mancini took off Balotelli and then remonstrated with the player on the sideline only for Balotelli to try and protest his innocence before storming off to the end of the bench in a huff.

Moments later he was caught on camera slamming a water bottle to the ground in disgust. Balotelli did not emerge from the dressing room in the second-half.

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