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Mario Balotelli Happy To Ignore Racist Fans

Mario Balotelli has admitted that he is glad that he does not have to deal with the incessant racism he experienced in his homeland of Italy.

The 20-year old Manchester City striker, who was born in Palermo to Ghanaian parents, was often the subject of racial taunts from fans in Italy but is happy that things are not the same in England

The Italian international said : “The day I arrived at City it was three black boys who asked first for my autograph, and I presented them with my white cap,”.

“I am proud to be black and Italian. I’ve learned from my family that no-one is “upside down” simply because he speaks, prays or thinks differently.

“I do not know what more I can say about these things.

“Maybe these people came to the game because they do not even have a television set at home.

“I have learned through experience that it is better to ignore them and pretend nothing has happened but thank God I do not have to know the people who are insulting me.”

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