Michael Owen may have the cure for cancer!

Michael Owen with battling Rumeysa Kose
Michael Owen with battling Rumeysa Kose
The title is misleading on purpose, but taking some time off from footy we would like to see more of such stories and this latest one involving Stoke City’s Michael Owen.

A baby girl named Rumeysa Kose whose fightback from cancer was boosted by Premier League star Michael Owen has been given the all-clear.

She was yesterday allowed home from hospital days after the 16-month-old got a cuddle on her ward from the former England striker.

And overjoyed dad Osman, 33, said he had played a vital part in her recovery. He said: “The visit from Michael Owen was brilliant. Though Rumeysa didn’t know who he was, the effect it had on the rest of us really helped her.”

The computing student explained: “We had been through some real dark times but talking to him and him taking an interest gave us such an emotional lift. He was absolutely lovely. Now Rumeysa is clear — and that is wonderful.”

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