Mikel Arteta Snaps Back At Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho

Reports are out claiming that Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta has defended manager Arsene Wenger’s record against criticism from Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho.

Mikel Arteta 3

It is said that the former Everton midfielder is still angry that Mourinho brandished Wenger a “specialist in failure” – a derogatory tag Arsenal players can lay to rest in this weekend’s FA Cup final against Hull.

“If, for you, success is only to win a trophy, it doesn’t matter how, then I think he (Wenger) is the way he (Mourinho) is saying,” the Spaniard said.

“If you analyse everything he has done for the club, then if he is a failure I have a different opinion.

“I don’t like it when someone criticises my team-mates, the staff, the manager, the club because I see what he does every day to look after this club.

“When they are right maybe you can accept, everybody makes mistakes. You can criticise the manager, whoever, but when it comes in a certain moment in a certain way I don’t like it.”

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