Pep Guardiola Launch Furious Attack On Jose Mourinho

Reports have surfaced that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has launched a foul-mouthed attack on Jose Mourinho.

The usually calm and collective Guardiola was clearly riled after losing last week’s Copa del Rey final to Real Madrid and the former player snapped at yesterday’s Press conference following claims by Bernabeu manager Mourinho that refereeing decisions favour Barca.

Guardiola said: “Jose permitted himself the luxury of calling me Pep so I’m going to call him Jose. Which one is his camera?

“In this room Mourinho’s the f***ing chief, the f***ing boss. I do not have to compete with him in here. If Barca want someone to compete in here then they should hire another manager.

“I could bring up 300,000 pieces of paper with things to complain about but I don’t have enough paper.

“He has won the battle off the pitch. I want to compete on the pitch. He won the Press conferences.

“He’s much better than me off the pitch. I represent an institution that believes this is not the best way to do things.”

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