PREMIER LEAGUE : Arsenal v Leicester City – MANAGER QUOTES

Arsene Wenger


Arsene Wenger on qualifying for the Champions League after Tottenham defeat: “We have a good opportunity to show we have the strength to deal with that pressure. I’m completely convinced we have the quality. Overall I believe that we have the technical quality that is requested. Football is about balance between defence and attack, and if you want to progress until the end of the season, it’s important that you remain tight defensively.”

Nigel Pearson: “I am always happy to take the responsibility that being a manager brings. The club made a statement and I’m not going to speak about it. We have a game tomorrow and it’s important my focus, and the focus of the players, is on what we can do tomorrow night rather than talk about something I’m not prepared to talk about. I always have a very good working relationship with the owners and I’m sure I will moving forward.”

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