PREMIER LEAGUE : Manchester United v Crystal Palace – MANAGER QUOTES

Louis van Gaal 33


Louis van Gaal: “It’s not good enough. I feel myself very lousy for the fans and my staff, but also for the board, because they have a great belief in me, my staff and the players. I’m feeling lousy for everyone that we have 13 points from 10 games. But we are in a process. I said from the beginning, when we won every game in the United States, that the process shall take more than one year – it will take three years, I hope, because that is always dependent on a lot of things. I think when we make it happen that we’ll win a lot of matches in a row.”

Neil Warnock: “I think Neil Warnock has got a tougher challenge [than Van Gaal]. It’s always easier when you’ve got a lot of money but I remember Blackburn Rovers winning the league with all the money that they had but it’s not easy to spend money properly and succeed. Kenny Dalglish showed that you could at Blackburn that year but sometimes money is the root of all evil. You tend to spend it for the sake of it and I think one or two clubs over the last few years have spent millions and millions of pounds because they’ve had it and probably not spent it as well as they wish they would have done.”

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