The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust Insist Wenger Has £42M To Spend In January

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust has revealed that manager Arsene Wenger has a £42 million available for the January market.

Arsene Wenger 33

Gunners chief executive Ivan Gazidis insisted at last week’s Annual General Meeting that it is “quite untrue to suggest the club is sitting on a huge cash pile that it is refusing to use”.

However, the AST believe their independent analysis of the club’s latest set of accounts, ending 31 May 2014, reveals a cash surplus of more than double that figure.

Allowing for money to service debt (£35m), working capital (£20m), net player payments due this season (£16m), Champions League contingency (£25m) and a net summer spend of £70m all to be subtracted from the May cash balance of £208m, the AST claims there is £42m left for January transfers.

Published in the London Evening Standard, the AST report states: “Whilst we appreciate the commercial sensitivity surrounding spare cash for transfers, its inevitable fans want to understand what funds are available and we try and do this in an informed a way as possible, based on the actual report and accounts.

“The AST estimates that the spare cash available for investment in the squad in January is approximately £42m. Further additional investment will be possible in the summer of 2015 as long as Arsenal qualify for the Champions League for the 2015-16 season.

“The AST remains very frustrated that with such resources available further additions weren’t made to the squad in key positions. It now remains to be seen whether running such a small squad in these positions will prove costly to Arsenal’s title ambitions this season.”

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