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The Curious Case Of Mario Balotelli – Video

What is up with Mario Balotelli and Inter Milan? It has been reported by the media that the young striker has fallen out with Inter coach Jose Mourinho and that he was attacked by team mate Marco Materazzi after the Champions League semi final clash with FC Barcelona.

The striker has also clashed with the Inter Milan fans recently and showed his anger by throwing his jersey to the ground.

However, reports are surfacing that clubs like AC Milan, Arsenal and a host of other clubs are chasing this young rebellious striker.

So what is so great about Mario Balotelli? He was once said to be the next best thing. Is he really living up to the hype or is Balotelli another flash in the pan?

We at TFM decided to investigate and we found this video on Youtube.

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

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