Top Foreign Talent Improves English Youth – Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger believes that young English players will always benefit playing with and against the world’s best.

Arsene Wenger 12

The Arsenal boss was asked for input by the FA Commission for their report.

“I am keen to see what they propose. My big fight is to get better education, more training time from eight to 17. For me that is a deficit in the English game at the moment. Having said that, we read in the papers that everyone pushes England to take as many young players as they can to the World Cup. Then you see England still produces young talent.

“Every single club, despite the big foreign players, the young players come through when they have the quality. That is what you have to target for. It is not to fight for mediocrity, it is to fight for quality. The bigger players we have in England, the more the young players will develop because they develop in contact with those players.

“To get rid of big players would be a massive mistake for the education and quality of the young players. The kid who is good at school, if you put him in a good class he will develop. If you put him in a bad class he will not develop as quickly.

“In our game it is exactly the same. I give you one training session with very good players, and one session exactly the same with average players and you will see two different things. That is why the quality of the development of these very young players is very important.”

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