WAGS – Katsia Zingarevich Wife of Anton Zingarevich

Before you scratch your head and wonder who in the world is Anton Zingarevich, let us tell you that he is NOT a footballer, so technically labeling his hot 23-year-old wife as a WAG is cheating, kinda like how players dive to get a penalty, and they dive for good reason,to get their team to win!

So with that kind of useless logic we found a way to sneakily post this pics of Victoris Secret’s Katsia Zingarevich.

Her husband, Mr.moneybags from Russia – Anton Zingarevich recently purchased Reading Football Club for a cool £25m, and the lads over at reading are sure gonna book season tickets next season to get a glimpse of this beauty.

Oh, did we mentioned Reading has confirmed their return to top flight football next season? Premiership rejoice!

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