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West Ham Boss Sam Allardyce Takes Aim At Wenger, Pellegrini and Rodgers

It has been reported that West Ham United boss Sam Allardyce has taken a swipe at Manuel Pellegrini ahead of their clash with Manchester City.

Sam Allardyce 2

Allardyce lumps Pellegrini with Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger as managers who refuse to adjust to opposition teams.

He told the Telegraph: “There are two types of coaches. There’s coaches like me who weigh up the opposition and ask the team to adjust. Fergie was similar. Jose [Mourinho] is similar. Then there’s Arsène, who won’t adjust. There’s Brendan [Rodgers], who looks like he won’t adjust. There’s Manuel Pellegrini, who looks like he won’t adjust, even in the Champions League. He seems to favour what he’s got. City are quite open.

“Their [Wenger/Rodgers/Pellegrini’s] philosophy is different to ours. Ours is more about who are we playing against. Their philosophy is more, ‘We always play this way’, and they won’t change, they carry doing on the same thing. That’s why you can beat them.”

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